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Testimonials From Mentoring Program and Workshop Graduates

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:  Steve's trading methodology is fantastic. Having read the book, completed a ten workshop program and sitting down with him one on one, I would encourage anyone who feels they need better results on managing their investments to sign on for all of the above. Whether you are a novice or somewhat seasoned this disciplined process is a no-brainer. Steve gives you all of the guidelines to effectively select and manage your portfolio. Best of all his patience and grounded nature instills confidence. Mark Stratton

: The Workshop series is very interesting from beginning to end. You can definitely read the book and get most of the same information, but the workshops help to put it all together, and to apply the theory in a practical way. The best part is that you have complete control. I would recommend the workshop to anybody who wants to take full control and responsibility of their finances. Evangelos Tambassis

: The web workshops tie it all together, and are an absolute bargain--- well worth the time and small expense... learn from a master investor, real time, from the comfort of your own home or office. Roger Ingram

: I've enjoyed your informative workshops. They provide additional insight into the principles identified in your book. Your philosophy and principled, straightforward way of investing is a breath of fresh air. Adam Dabek  

: I believe that anyone who is interested in managing his own money will benefit from personal sessions with Steve. He’s enthusiastic and patient, and he works too cheap. It almost seems like he’s on a mission to save investors from the financial industry. Doug Light

: Your material, your emphasis on QDI and profit taking have helped me tremendoulsy over the last six months of investing. I have about 10 years until retirement and your instruction on asset allocation and income investing, and working capital growth have given me the confidence that I will be able to manage my program to produce all of the retirement income I'll need. Adam Dabek 

: I want to thank you for your efforts to dispel some erroneous concepts concerning investing in stocks for growth and retirement. I have taken several courses (Techni-Trader and Protitunity), but yours is the best and has shown results right out of the box. Thank you. You have given me a way to grow my Working Capital and live off my dividends without the stess of speculation and short term trading. Marv Sherman  

: Thanks very much for the learning experience. I think your more active approach [to Income Portfolio Management] makes a lot of sense.      All the best,  Alan Lenowitz  

: Thanks for the mentoring program; I found it helpful and enjoyable --- I would recommend it. I like the MCIM program because it is rule based and carefully thought out. Carole Reisenfeld


Steve is the author of: The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book that Wall Street Does Not Want YOU to Read, and A Millionaire’s Secret Investment Strategy. 





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The Working Capital Model - Market Cycle Investment Management - FREE Mentoring Program

Professional Investor/Manager Steve Selengut, and an experienced panel of experts, walk you through the Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) portfolio management process. We'll hold your hand, answer your questions, and do everything we can short of security selection as you learn how to run your own (or your client's) portfolio.

The Mentoring Program is FREE, and includes:

  • The "Road To Success" Investment Training Program (minimum of 3 sessions)
  • The "Performance Investors Want & How to Get It" program (if applicable) 
  • The "Market Cycle Investment Management" program

The mentoring program is no longer private --- at least six people (all "Brainwashing" book owners) must attend each meeting.

Note:  Headsets will make the experience much more productive.


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