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What Investors Want & How To Get It — A Performance Enhancement Tutorial

Most adults know that they need to invest in order to meet their long time financial goals. Most people enter the investment world with little real live experience, even less investment-applicable education, and a myriad of unrealistic expectations.

We’re going to change all that in a few hours of intense on-line training— with no product sales, and no gimmicks, gadgets, or software. When we’re done with you, you will own a set of Seven Realistic Expectations, and you will have taken the first steps in learning how to achieve your long-term investment goals.

Seven Realistic Expectations – This Is What You Want:

  • I want to lose less market value than my markets do, during cyclical corrections.
  • I want always to be prepared for corrections, and with enough cash to take advantage of lower prices.
  • I want my investment “base income” to be dependable and consistent — even in the midst of financial crises.
  • I want my investment portfolio to make faster moves to new All Time Market Value Highs.
  • I want the productive “Working Capital” in my portfolio to grow constantly and consistently throughout the market cycle.
  • I want my annual “base income” to grow every year, regardless of market conditions.
  • I want never again to experience disappearing profits in excess of a reasonable target %.

 6 Steps To A Secure Investment Future – This Is How You Get It:

  • Learn how to use “cost based” asset allocation techniques.
  • Learn how to develop and apply fundamental risk minimization techniques.
  • Learn to understand the investment environment and to use it to your advantage.
  • Learn how to select income investments and how to guage their performance.
  • Learn how to select “safer” stocks, diversify properly, and to establish profit targets.
  • Learn how do protect yourself from the demons of Wall Street and their media cronies.