Kiawah Golf Investment Seminars

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For Individuals: that’s not the Ocean Course! You want to take your next golf vacation to a high level. Want to combine the golf with a private, small group Investment Training Program?

We’re not talking about Mutual Funds or any other form of investment products. No getting rich quick schemes or similar option strategies. This is the investment education that you didn’t get in college and a way to produce the investment performance and income many people have been looking for.  Market Cycle Investment Management Program users have experienced these results:

  • Ten Years          (11/99 – 12/09)      + 85% vs. S & P – 20%
  • Four Years         (11/99 – 11/03)      + 39% vs. S & P – 23
  • Financial Crisis (06/07 – 9/09)        – 9.5% vs. S & P – 29%
  • Two Years         (2008 thru  2009) – 1.8% vs. S & P  – 27.4%
  • One Year            (2009)                     + 34% vs. S & P + 23%

No salesperson calls you before or after the seminar, and participants learn something new about investing. In fact, maybe you study what some people have referred to as a breaking approach to asset allocation, security selection, and portfolio performance evaluation.

For Professionals: Not picking up some Continuing Education Credits when you’re not walking the miles of beautiful beaches, golfing, or checking out the restaurants in Charleston? Learn about a new approach to the markets, to performance evaluation, and income production ways for clients.

For Retirees :  Wealth without income? Learn how to work on a safe and secure cash flow and take into consideration most inflation scenarios.

Kiawah Golf Investment Seminars (KGIS) is not affiliated in any way with the Kiawah Golf Resort, but the standard training package assumption is that you play at least one round with your investment trainer/host.

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